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Do Summer YOUR Way!
 Let Light Fabrics and Cool Simplicity highlight your summer.
                Turn over a new leaf this summer with a soft palette of delicious pastels and nude toned fabric’s. Like a breath of fresh air, keeping your color palette solid and your silhouette simple, elongates and slims your body. Fun details such as trendy cutout’s offer a bit of sophistication. Cut outs are all the rage this season. Designers have found original ways to feature cut-outs on neck lines, pants, sleeves, and almost anywhere that is still tasteful.
                The fabrications this season are thin, soft and floaty. You will love the way they feel and move with you. Soft drapey fabrics and a body skimming fit are a must for the summer season. Styles that flow, rather than hug offer a guarantee of summer coolness. Designers have become genius in using the new fabrics that wick away perspiration and keep you cool throughout soaring temperatures. Some of my favorite silhouettes are the softly falling full leg pant. Because of the stretch and lightness of the fabric, it falls away from you rather than cling. Another great can’t be beat silhouette is the trapeze dress or top. Fitted at the shoulder and through the bust line but falling loosely over the waist and hip is a cut not only great for coolness and comfort but is also very forgiving as a style. Long maxi dresses or tunics are perfect for light fabrics as are the long flowing vests worn with pants, shorts or over anything! Picture how glamourous you will look with that beautiful fabric floating behind you.  
                Maybe you are not a pastel lover but still like the idea of keeping it light for summer. This year the hottest trend is the “White Hot Look”. Instead of the LBD (little black dress), it’s all about the LWD (little white dress). Of course you can get the same idea with putting together separate pieces of all white. Important for this look though, is the fact that the color must be true white, not cream or winter white, but summer tennis white. Also, the whites must match to have the optimum “White Hot” look. Whether you’re headed for the beach or headed for the city lights this year, an all-white ensemble will be perfect. White on white is chic and looks so fresh. I really enjoy this look with metallic sandals or heels. Top off this all white trend with shiny gold or silver jewelry or sparkling crystal jewelry. One hint though, have a Tide stick handy in your handbag, if you are like me, some of my lunch would inevitably land on my front! Another note about white, is that going forward, those white pieces will be great to mix with black for an early fall or late summer wardrobe. Black and white is a stunning, chic year around trend that never goes out of style.            
                Other hot trends for this summer include anything off the shoulder, cut out at the shoulder, or slit at the shoulder. Yes, it is all about the shoulder this summer and this is one trend I can get behind. The bare shoulder detail is flattering for all ages and sizes as the shoulder is always pretty. Platform soles are also hot this summer and a great one I can applaud. For those of us who are vertically challenged but aren’t so comfy wearing heels, the platform sole is a godsend. It makes us a couple of inches taller but gives us a solid base to walk on. One important detail is that the platform shoe has a back or strap on it so it stays on your foot. Having your foot slide off a platform shoe may cause a twisted ankle or worse. Another cute shoe trend is the strappy flat sandal featuring ties that wind around your ankle and even further up. It’s a little bohemian looking and adds some interesting detail to an outfit based on simplicity. For those who wonder what bohemian style means, it’s anything that is inspired by any fashions from the 60’s and 70’s. Adding a little boho touch to your outfit is both fun and trendy.         
                With so many choices, the fashionista this season can choose what makes her happy, feel good about herself, and be able to stay cool in our warmest season. Let the mood of summer and warm temperatures take over your wardrobe with softly flowing light fabrics that feature comfort and coolness as the important factor. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and inhale those floral scents of summer. It’s time to blossom and enjoy your summer your way.

This article by Holly Bell appeared in the Summer  Edition of Women's Edition Magazine.