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Holly’s Fashion News

Holly Bell, Owner, Maxx Models & Talent

This article by Holly Bell appeared in Women's Edition Magazine. 


                The New Year promises to bring us a fresh start on everything but before you go making impossible resolutions, how about making ourselves more comfortable and classy in our clothing choices? We know that feeling comfortable and classy with the way we dress makes us feel good about ourselves. And isn’t that what we all strive for? The secret to contentment can be summed up in one Danish word: hygge. It the deliberate practice of taking pleasure in the presence of gentle soothing things. The only known side effect is a profound sense of well-being! Let’s try to bring more of this into our wardrobe and our lives in general.  Luxuriously soft fabrics are an important feature of feeling fabulous and pampered. Cashmere and Cashmere blends are always a classy choice. Especially versatile are the soft, looks of pants and jackets in matching tones. Yes, the pantsuit is back and going strong throughout 2018. Re-invented with softer, less fitted jackets that tie or flow, that are an easy fit for all sizes.  All one color dressing is an extremely classic and pulled together look. We know that head to toe mono-color looks are always flattering to our figures and can be versatile when we mix up those matching pants and jackets with anything in our closets. Look for these cool pant and skirt suits in beautiful pastel, winter white and gorgeous blush. These colors look amazing in the winter when everyone else is in dark tones, and can flow through into spring.
The pantsuit brings us to another top element in winter fashion, the menswear look. Mixing up menswear looks with a feminine touch is an important focus this winter and easy to achieve with a focus on comfort. Borrowing from the boys is nothing new, but it looks fresh this year mixed with feminine overtones such as a ruffled blouse, or a statement necklace under a crisp white shirt. Or for a bit of a flirty look, button up the jacket and accessorize with a silky soft scarf.  
                Winter isn’t winter without a new super soft over-sized sweater or two. I recommend a mock neck for those chilly days, less inhibiting than a turtleneck. Pick the coziest fabric you can find with sleeves that leave just your fingers out! Curl up by the fire with a good book and enjoy! The best pairing with these long cozy sweaters would be leggings. Look for those that are fleece lined for a little extra warmth and hygge. Also extremely lovable are the faux fur choices we have this year. From coats, hats, vests, scarves, purses and even dresses, we have no reason not to be warm and cozy.
                The big fashion news this winter and moving into Spring is velvet. Designers are fascinated with
This fabric again and nothing could make us happier. Velvet in the past has often been associated with nobility.  In the 70’s it had a decidedly hippie focus. Lucky for us it is readily available to all of us this year in multiple variations. From crushed velvet tee’s, to luxuriously long winter coats, velvet is the go to new fabric of the season. Sometimes we worry that the hot trend this year should be approached with caution because we have learned that as in many trends, it could be out of fashion next year. Fear not though, with the availability of this product and the way it has been embraced by the fashionistas of the world, it has found a distinctive place in the marketplace along with metallic fabrics 
                The Pantone Color Institute has the job of predicting our color choices for the year.  They influence color trends in home and clothing fashions along with many other things. I am happy to quote Leatrice Eiseman, the Pantone Color Institute Executive Director, who has said that “metallic’s have moved over into the neutrals. We certainly seen no signs of these shiny metals waning. Same goes for the iridescent trend.” So now we can include those in our genre of beautiful classics that we can enjoy wearing for years to come. Personally I love the juxtaposition of shiny and soft. Mixing textures makes everything more interesting and creates a focus on each.   
                So rather than place impossible demands on yourself this year, why not concentrate on creating pleasure, not only in your personal life, but in the way you dress. So light the candles, curl up in the softest clothing you can find or take a walk outside and enjoy the winter wonderland. Let’s vow to savor the moments of a beautiful winter season.