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Holly Bell, Owner, Maxx Models & Talent

This article by Holly Bell appeared in Women's Edition Magazine. 

Vacation Time! Tips for Packing with Ease. 

                Vacation season is finally here, we’ve been waiting all year for this! Let’s make packing less intimidating by keeping it simple. I will never forget a few years ago, before the extra charges for luggage were implemented, I took seven suitcases on a trip! One was filled entirely with shoes. Needless to say, it was a big hassle toting around all that and my husband won’t forget it either! Furthermore, I wore about a third of what I packed. Now with the luggage restrictions we are forced to streamline and be savvy travelers. Actually I found out that when you have less choices to wear it is actually less stressful weather you are traveling by car, train, or plane.
                The first thing to consider of course is your destination.  For instance, people in Europe dress considerably different than Americans.  There are differences in America too, Californians dress considerably more casual than New Yorkers. The last thing you want to do is to stand out as a “tourist”. The first time I visited San Francisco I packed sun dresses, it’s sunny California, right? Wrong! I did stand out in my yellow sun dress while the natives were sporting black leather jackets! Northern California attire is very different than Southern California. So it’s important to do a little investigative work on your location before you start making a packing list. Yes, a checklist is important even if you think you will remember it, you still need a list to ensure peace of mind. Here is a list of priorities for your list that will remain similar no matter what your location. I know you will add to this list, but it is a start in the right direction!

1. Comfortable Walking Shoes. Make sure your shoe has a rubber sole and inside padding, forget those cute heels, comfortable flat walking shoes will make your trip more pleasurable, plus you will smile more, always a plus! If you must, bring along a cute pair of neutral (skin-toned beige) sandals with a small wedge, ballet flat or platform for dress up occasions. Notice I did not say heels, I am still in to comfort for your vacation!

2. Another important tip is to bring along flip flops or slides even if you are not going to the beach. You will be glad you have them to wear in your hotel room and going to the spa or whirlpool.

3. Toiletries – It is good to mentally take yourself through your morning and bedtime routine and list each item you use including medications. Don’t forget medications you don’t use every day such as aspirin, allergy medications, stomach ailment medications, sunscreen, etc. If you are flying, be sure to check the airline guidelines for carry-on items.

4. An all-purpose jacket or sweater that can work with everything. A jean jacket is pretty good with anything and can be worn on the airplane to save room in your suitcase. Even if you are going to the desert, it gets chilly at night.

5. Figure out a color scheme and stick to it. Black and White or a color is always good. You need to be able to mix and match with everything you bring. Interchangeable staples is the key.
For every bottom bring 2 tops. I suggest two bottoms, (one can be a skirt or shorts), 4 tops and one dress. I suggest a LBD (little black dress) or an LWD (little white dress). A gathered skirt with an elastic waist can be pulled up under your arms and used for a bathing suit cover-up!
Savvy travelers who are flying can fit all their needs in one carry-on! No waiting at the luggage area.

6. Keep jewelry to a minimum and leave the expensive stuff at home. One necklace that goes with everything along with a pair of earrings and a watch will be all you need. Jewelry is so easily lost, broken or stolen so keep it to a minimum. A long rectangular wide multipurpose scarf will be the only other accessory you will need. Use it as a bathing suit sarong cover-up, a shawl around your shoulders with a sleeveless top, tie around your waist for a belt, or toss around your neck instead of the necklace.

7. Don’t forget to bring a good book. You will finally have time to read that trashy novel so indulge a little!

So let’s get packing and implement a vacation mindset.  Let’s beat the heat, home  and work stresses.  Let’s slow down, take a moment to breathe, and smell the flowers, or surf, or forest, or jungle.  Are we there yet?  Almost!